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And these prisongates won't open up for me...........


She goes by the name of Jessica. Born and raised in Michigan. 19 years old and very mature. Not in a relationship- but not her choice either. Simple and sweet, caring is her nature. Bound by her sign, Aries. Mainly Scottish, because her father was born in Scotland, but she's also Irish & French.

I am an extremely hard worker and I'll fight to strive until I get what I want. I earned a 3.5+ GPA in High School. I accomplished many triumphs in school and have earned many awards. I have huge plans set in stone, so don't start underestimating me. I am currently going to a Community College to pursue Forensic Nursing. While going to a Community College isn't what I truly want, I'm doing it to save money and for personal reasons. After getting my Associates Degree I plan on going to a University to finish my schooling. People say I have a Type A personality, and I complete agree with them. I hate making mistakes, but I know people aren't perfect.

I may be a girly-girl, but I'm mature with my money. I love MAC Cosmetics, tanning, manicures, Abercrombie, Hollister, Guess, Juicy Couture, UGG Boots and many more expensive fashionable trends. I love going out with friends but I don't do the party scene. Like I said, I have plans in life and I don't want to ruin those plans.
How did I choose the username first of all? It’s based on the name of of a Nickelback song, "savin me". I feel like I can relate to the song in many ways.
This journal is for me to write about feelings, thoughts, emotions, life, lifes many falls and uprisings, and just to have something to look upon. I at times do share photos, because as they say a photo captures the best moments in life.

My journal is private. You are more than welcome to comment to be added. I love getting to know people, especially people who have similar interests as I. I ask that you be 18+, but if you are mature with a high head, then chances are you will get added. I don't care to add those who are just worried to get their next high or listen to drama about how much they hate their life. I can guarantee you someone in another country has by far a much worse life than you. I do friends cuts when I feel I don't have anything in common or your updates just don't seem interesting to me. Sorry, this is only the Internet, so hopefully nobody's feelings get hurt.While I try to be the best friend by reading & commenting your entries, I don't always have the time. I work part-time and go to school full-time. Nursing is a hard & very competitive career to pursue. Please respect my journal and I will respect yours.

FYI: I keep all of my entries, prior to the most recent, marked as private. I keep up one whole month of entries until the next month. This is for my personal reason and well as having the value of privacy.

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